The CP60G is a new system with innovative features and with the best price on the market.

The functionalities of this system will allow you to cover all the needs of the massive market when it comes to vehicle recovery and real time tracking.
Along with its low cost and solid technology it becomes an option for insurance companies, monitoring companies, renting companies, etc.

Why choose CP60G?


Because it is ideal for vehicle tracking and recovery. Because it has the lowest price in the market (per 100 units), and because it is a system designed 100% on robust electronics.

GSM/GPRS covers the most areas of the Americas and is the best selling system.

Moreover, the CP60G includes a system that allows you to talk/hear remotely from the vehicle with the VOX or VOX Full accessory.

For the cost of the SMS/GPRS service there is no better system with better or even similar performance, flexibility, high connectivity/communication speed.
This has allowed and will continue to allow successful business all across America, especially with monitoring/insurance companies.

On the other hand, the CP60G it is an inexpensive system, trustworthy when it comes to the transmission and reception of data (commands, localization, stop the engine, etc.) and it is possible to locate a vehicle wherever it is in the country or in anther country.

There is no other system based on GPS as reliable as the CP60G, for such a low price there is no such a complete and solid solution. Many of the functions include but are not limited to: panic bottom, remote deactivation of the vehicle engine, remote opening/closing of the vehicle doors, remote shock detection, etc. (these functions should be installed by a car alarm installer and it should also be noted that the CP60G has two inputs and three outputs)

The CP60G can also interact with normal cell phones (it could be the client's cell phone). The client receives in his own cell phone the events that reach the central and he may also send commands to the system by typing a PIN and the command he wishes to execute (start the alarm, block doors, stop the engine, etc.).

Another important feature of the CP60G is that with one simple command it can change the GSM frequency, thus, simplifying the use of these devices with any GSM provider. You not only have the best and cheapest GPS system that lets you work with any cellular company in the world with one simple command.

GSM/SMS/GPRS offers an excellent balance between cost and performance, and it is also more secure than radial systems since it has more coverage.
The fact that the system does not need a satellite antenna makes it possible to completely hide it and help companies track their vehicles without the driver's knowledge.


Specially configuraded to process counter information. This unit allows to passenger transport enterprises controling the entry and exit of passangers. This is posible with the last technology in location and real data transmission, that enables to control information from your computer. The information is sent though GPRS.
With CP60-KAM brand new technology plus our GPS units well known functionalities you will be able to capture images from the monitored vehicle without increasing the service's cost. Furthermore, it will provide extended protection for your units by capturing automatically an image once received a Panic Event.
Temperature sensors with remote lecture from the monitoring station, especially designed for refrigerated trucks, containers or deposits. Manage the cooling chain, secure the optimal temperature of the cargo.
Specially designed to measure the fuel level in tanks of transport units. Tne measurement of the fuel level is provided by a probe that is immersing into the fuel tank. The probe is designed as a coaxial capacitor with a metallic tube (external electrode) and a central electrode (inner electrode). The sensor probe immersed in a fuel operates as a capasitor. Its capacity linearly depends on fuel level in the tank. Also includes electronic circuitry that provides the linear transformation of the capacity into digital pulses. To determine the fuel volume the procedure of the tank calibration should be done to set the correspondence between fuel volume and measured sensor capacity.