Why choose CP60 KAM GPS?


With CP60-KAM brand new technology plus our GPS units well known functionalities you will be able to capture images from the monitored vehicle without increasing the service's cost. Furthermore, it will provide extended protection for your units by capturing automatically an image once received a Panic Event.


With the HP-WEB 1.0 Professional software, you can have the access to a business system. You will have your own WebServer in order to give to your clients an excellent service, on which it can be acceded with Username and a Password.

HunterPro provide an integrals and self-sufficient Hardware and Software, specialized in Vehicle location services. Your company own now the complete system, optimizing in such matter, each corporative client, or final client monthly cost, and with the possibility of providing security and fleet monitoring services.

With this, you will give to your customers a differentiated service and with a minor investment than other options in the current market. Having the confident to work with a company with more than 10 years on the international GPS market, which exports to over than 90 countries around the world. This customers feedback allow us to make you sure that we provide a system which is thought for the current and competitive AVL market necessities.


Web Central:

  • Full service control to your clients from the central station.
  • Localization service to all of your clients from any PC with internet connection.
  • Historical records day by day from the vehicles routes over the map.
  • Overspeed event configuration.
  • Events name configuration in order to give to your clients a differential service.
  • Historical records export via HTML, filtrates per day and time.
  • Events configuration to the owner cellphone.
  • End costumers devices activation and deactivation permissions, sending messages to the LCD from internet.
  • Without monthly cost to your company.

Web Client Interface:

  • The client access from any PC with his internet connection, by using his username and password.
  • Check all of your vehicles localization at the same time over the vectorial map or over Goolge Earth maps.
  • Choose the vehicle to interact.
  • Messages sent to the vehicle LCD.
  • Devices control, for example: ignition shut down.
  • Several kinds of reports; speed; stop time; events; commands to the LCD; distance reports; etc.
  • The historical records includes: registry; day; time; latitude, longitude; report; street names.
  • Routes reproduction in a secondary map.
  • Each vehicles sheet access.