The HP-M60 Modem GSM/GPRS is a data/fax/voice wireless modem. It also supports mobile originated short message service (SMS) and mobile-terminated SMS.  Designed for global use, it offers standards-based multi-band GSM/GPRS Class 10 performance. This ready-to-deploy, standalone modem allows developers to add wireless communication to products with a minimum of development time and expense.
The HP-M60 Modem GSM/GPRS is based on industry-standard open interfaces, is fully type approved, and can be desktop or panel mounted.


  • GPRS Class 10 operation.-
  • Quad-band 850/1900 or 900/1800 GSM/GPRS.-
  • GSM Class 1 Group 3 FAX.-
  • Desktop or panel mounting.-
  • Short Message Services including text and PDU, point-to-point, cell broadcast.-
  • 14.4K GSM circuit switched data.-
  • SMA antenna connector and SIM socket.-
  • Serial interface supports DTE speeds to 115.2K.-
  • AT command compatible.-
  • Numerous LEDs provide operational status.-
  • ME + SIM phone book management.-
  • Fixed dialing number.-
  • SAT Class 3.-
  • SIM, network and service provider locks.-
  • Real time clock.-
  • Alarm management.-
  • UCS2 character set management.-